Sony approached Microsoft for cloud tech collaboration


29, 2019

Microsoft’s collaboration with PlayStation creators Sony was a surprise for many gamers. Even more surprising, it was Sony that approached Microsoft.

Despite many employees at the Japanese company being shocked at the relationship’s announcement, the introduction of the collaboration was fuelled by Sony.

Revealed by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in an interview with Fortune, Sony’s upcoming use of Microsoft Azure was entirely the choice of Sony.

“First of all, it’s all driven by Sony,” Nadella said. “They looked at who are all their partners that they can trust. In fact, it turns out, even though we’ve competed, we’ve also partnered.”

How does Microsoft Azure work?

“Basically and fundamentally the fact that we have a business model in the areas that they’re partnering with us, where we’re dependent on their success… So we will do the best job for them, whether it’s in cloud or whether it’s in A.I. or what have you, in order to make sure that Sony can succeed with their own IP creation.”

Nadella was keen to state that the sub-businesses that Microsoft creates are dependant; the business of Xbox and Azure are linked but their partnerships are unaffected by the others’ competitors.

“Overall, if you look at all the parts of [Sony’s] businesses, whether it’s in entertainment, gaming, or the camera businesses, all of these things can use more cloud computing power. But they can also go-to-market with Microsoft in some industrial cases, especially for their things around cameras.”

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