Recently, we reported on how Microsoft and Sony are now working together to develop future cloud gaming ventures in an unexpected partnership. Sony are set to use Microsoft Azure in order to improve their cloud and content stream services.

However, it turns out that it’s not all hand holding and smiles. According to a report from Bloomberg, the employees of Sony’s PlayStation division were effectively caught completely off guard by the Microsoft-Sony announcement, seeing as they’ve spent almost two decades fighting against Microsoft.

The report details that Sony’s negotiations with Microsoft began last year and were handled by Sony’s senior management in Tokyo. The PlayStation staff were largely left out of the loop.

Bloomberg say that managers ‘had to calm workers’ and ‘assure them that plans for [the PlayStation 5] weren’t affected’.

It’s understandable that some workers would react this way, especially seeing as many staff would have suddenly learnt that the people they’ve spent many years fighting against are suddenly their business partners.

The problem is that PlayStation reportedly can’t keep up with cloud gaming. PlayStation has spent seven years trying to develop its own form of cloud gaming, before Sony Chief Executive Officer Kenichiro Yoshida realised that in order to advance, Sony would have to collaborate with one of their greatest rivals.

According to the report, Sony’s stock jumped 9.9% on Friday after the announcement was made, the most that it’s moved in over 18 months.

This collaboration currently appears to be a positive one for both parties involved, but only time will tell what will come of it and, ultimately, who’ll come out on top.

Source: Bloomberg.