Somewhere, Microsoft has a version of Windows 10 Mobile running the April 2018 update


5, 2018

Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft’s deprecated mobile operating system, is stuck on Feature 2 update ie the Creators Update with some tweaks.

That means the mobile OS is now 2 SDKs behind the desktop version, which means besides the normal attrition of apps due to low market share, there is also a process of apps losing mobile support due to apps being updated to the latest SDK which does not support Windows 10 Mobile.

Ideally Mobile would have kept lockstep with the desktop OS, and if you ask the Bluetooth SIG, that is indeed what has been happening behind the scenes, as the organization has just certified a new Bluetooth stack for Windows 10 Mobile version 1803.

The organization is presumably working off data supplied to them by Microsoft, and it is not clear if Microsoft simply made a mistake, or if the company is indeed keeping the mobile OS up to date behind the scenes, hoping for better days in the future.

What is clear of course is that Microsoft will not be pushing the new version of the OS to the few Windows Mobile users, but the idea that Microsoft is still keeping a small flame alive for Windows 10 Mobile is rather interesting.

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