Someone built Minecraft AR with Apple’s ARKit, and it looks amazing

June 26, 2017

At E3 2015, Microsoft showed off Minecraft running on the HoloLens and it looked incredible. More than 2 years later, there is still no word on when that’s actually coming to HoloLens owners. Apple, on the other hand, is set to bring augmented reality to consumers even before Microsoft thanks to its new ARKit that’s coming to iPhones with iOS 11. iOS developers are already able to build augmented reality experiences for iPhones with the ARKit, and a lot of really cool demos of Apple’s ARKit in actions have started popping up on the internet ever since WWDC 2017.

Today, a really interesting ARKit demo caught our attention: Minecraft AR. iOS developer Matthew Hallberg managed to build Minecraft on augmented reality — which means you can literally place Minecraft blocks in the real world through the camera of your phone. The unofficial game seems to allow users to place blocks, and you can even destroy blocks just like you’d on regular Minecraft. It is a very cool demo, and almost like the one Microsoft showed off on the HoloLens:

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Whether Microsoft will ever bring Minecraft to AR is unknown at the moment, but it will likely happen in the future. Redmond didn’t talk anything about Minecraft for the HoloLens recently so that probably isn’t coming anytime soon. As for this demo, it most likely won’t be able to get published to the App Store due to copyright issues, so don’t get your hopes up yet.

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