Microsoft launched its premium laptop, the Surface Book 3, only a few months ago, which feature in the main upgraded internals and improved performance over last year’s model.

It appears to may also be coming with new issues, according to a large number of posters on Microsoft’s support forum.

There a number of users are complaining of strange buzzing, rattling and crackling noises from the headphone jack when they have earphones plugged in.

The issue may be driver related, as some of the users report it only remains for a minute after a music track starts, and then stops by itself, only to return when a new track is played. Some report the issue when Dolby Atmos is enabled.

Several users report returning the device, only for the problem to be present on the new laptop.

With more people using video conferencing the problem is becoming evident to more and more users. Microsoft has so far now acknowledged the issue or given an official response.

Are any of our readers affected? Let us know below.

Via WindowsLatest.