Some Nokia Lumia 900 handsets having connectivity issues

PhoneArena reports that some Nokia Lumia 900 handsets are experiencing connectivity issues which can only be fixed by a hard reset.

According to PhoneArena’s source, who claims to be an AT&T employee:

These devices were mass produced in a plant in mexico and there is a defect with the imei’s registering to the data network on 2g, 3g and 4g data", says the AT&T insider. "AT&T and Nokia have quietly addressed and are removing stock of the defective devices. Data will work on first boot, but will stop working after a reboot, restart, turning on airplane mode or turning off data. it will show data is connected but will not work.

The problem has cropped up in numerous forums, and while a hard reset provides a temporary fix, the problem is said to recur again after a while. 

Apparently AT&T is replacing affected handsets, so affected users are best advised to return their handsets for a swap sooner rather than later.

Read more at PhoneArena here.

Thanks Jose for the tip.