Some features of GTA Online’s Diamond Casino may be inaccessible in your country

by Ash
July 25, 2019

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According to a Reddit post by u/LordMcze, some GTA Online players in certain countries don’t have access to some or any of the gambling features in GTA Online’s latest feature – the Diamond Casino & Resort.

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This is due to each country’s own laws regarding gambling, as backed up by Rockstar Games’ Support FAQ. The FAQ says the following:

Question: I received a message in game saying a feature is “not available.” Why is this feature not available? Will it be available later?

Answer: Certain features are not available at all times or for all players. This can occur for a number of reasons including regional restrictions, game design, or the incompatibility between features you are interacting with. If the message you receive says the feature is not available “now,” the restriction is temporary and you can come back later to access the feature. If the message you receive says the feature is incompatible with another feature, please choose which feature you would like to experience.

One Reddit user, u/riptor01, says that they’re from Greece and that the game allows them to purchase in-game chips, but they can’t gamble with them.

Another user, u/tarwixcz, claims that PC users can change their Social Club country to any other country that has less restrictive gambling laws and also use a VPN to circumvent the issue.

The current list of countries that are confirmed to be affected by this is as follows:

  • Algeria

  • Argentina

  • Bolivia

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Costa Rica

  • Cyprus

  • Czech Republic

  • Ghana

  • Greece

  • Iceland

  • Iran

  • Iraq

  • Israel

  • Jordan

  • Kuwait

  • Lebanon

  • Luxembourg

  • Malta

  • Montenegro

  • Paraguay

  • Peru

  • Poland

  • Portugal

  • Puerto Rico

  • Saudi Arabia

  • South Africa

  • South Korea

  • Slovakia

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Thailand

  • Venezuela

  • Vietnam

  • Qatar

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