Some 20H1 features are showing up on 1903 May 2019 build

by Atiya
July 19, 2019

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A month ago, in Build 18912, Microsoft streamlined the Windows Ink Workspace by introducing improvements, based on customer feedback.

You’ll now find a smaller Workplace, which directly links to the Microsoft Whiteboard app; so as to allow ideation and collaboration.

The improved Snip and Sketch app means that you can quickly capture your screen in the Windows Ink Workplace, and then animate it in the app.

As a 20H1 feature, we only expected this to debut sometime next year.  However, Leo has discovered that if you install the latest cumulative update in the release preview ring, the Windows Inkspace Improvements will also become available in build version 18362.263, which is a May 2019 build.

It could be that Microsoft is only testing these features in the May 2019 update, and Microsoft has no intention of delivering it to end users.  Alternatively, Microsoft may be planning to backport these features to their older OS,

At this stage, there’s no way of knowing; but it is, however, interesting to see Microsoft delivering features by CUs -which are normally designed for bug fixes.  Given that Windows 10 19H2 will be delivered by cumulative updates, this is evidence that the role of these monthly updates may be changing.

Thanks, Leo, for the tip.

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