“SnowLogic” Action Puzzle Now Available In Windows Phone Store and Windows Store

SnowLogic is a fun game with penguins and snowmen without restrictions.

The game is available as an universal app for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1. The game play is a nice combination of Plants Vs. Zombies and Pudding Monsters.

The penguins are attacking your igloos to get in and warm up. Your task is to use the snowmen to throw snowballs at the penguins to make them turn back. The tricky part is that you can`t drag the snowmen around the play board, you need to use some logic to keep the action going, otherwise the penguin will win.

With a lot of tricky thing the gameplay is never boring. You need to use ice blocks, teleports, directional changers, stoppers and other funny objects to keep up the SnowLogic. If you want something else, just play the extra mini game included, where the penguins are attacking in endless waves.


The graphics are well made, the music is very nice, and quality game play is guaranteed. If you love the two game mentioned, for sure you will love the combination of the two.

The game includes 70+ levels (with more to come), no advertisement and no IAP to deliver a nice game play without interruptions.

Buy Snowlogic for $.99 at Windows Phone Store or Windows Store