Snip and Sketch update introduces multiple window and zoom functions

by Atiya
July 23, 2019

After a short hiatus, Microsoft has updated the Snip and Sketch app to version 10.1907.1991.0.  The features that have been introduced are still currently disabled for users.


  • Multiple Windows: This is a new option, in which the user now open new screenshots in the same window as the previously captured ones.  Previously, screenshots all opened in a separate window by default.

  • Zoom functionality: We’ll soon see the inclusion of a slider button, which allows you to zoom into screenshots.

  • New coloured iconwith the last update, we saw a whole series of new coloured icons being introduced- could this mean the app icon will be renewed too?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Insider users registered on the fast channel can update the app from the following link:

Source: aggiornamentilumia

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