Snapchat’s taking a page from Instagram’s book with a rumoured new feature


26, 2019

Facebook has been stealing Snapchat’s feature set (and userbase) for a while now, so it’s refreshing to read.

A new report from the Wall Street Journal indicates that Snap is in talks with music licensing companies which have intensified over the past few weeks.

If a deal is struck, Snap will gain the ability to integrate licensed music into its app.

While it isn’t clear what form this would take, obvious solutions range from lip syncing functionality a la TikTok to sharing songs using snaps.

It’s worth noting that Instagram already offers a similar feature, allowing users to share snippets of music on their stories. Spotify also debuted an easier integration, allowing users to jump directly from Spotify to Snapchat.

If Snapchat does reach a similar deal, it would make a step towards clawing back some of those users Facebook’s app has lured over.

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