Snapchat’s controversial redesign was pushed out against warnings from designers

Snapchat rolled out a redesign earlier this year, which was poorly received by users causing the firm to revert its design decisions.

According to the Information, Snap’s CEO, Evan Spiegel made the decision to release the redesign dispute protestations from Snapchat’s own engineers and designers.

Speigel decided to revamp the app’s design rather quickly and gave the staff a short time to complete the design without consulting with executives involved in the app’s design or engineering departments.

Furthermore, when testing the app’s initial redesign, the firm noted that users viewed fewer stories and some engagement metrics dropped. That information was excluded from the firm’s rosy metrics earlier this year before reality hit. Spiegel, despite being aware of the controversy, opted to release the app anyway.

Naturally, the subsequent redesign to the redesign was done by Snapchat’s own designers, with Spiegel only approving the changes already generated by the designers who understood the core product better.

In an emailed response to the Information post-backlash, Spiegel acknowledged this misstep.

“There is no doubt that collaboration yields better results :),” he wrote.

Via Engadget.

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