Snap Pixy’s shipping window now takes 4 months due to limited stockpile

Snap surprised the public in April with a cute, portable camera drone called Pixy that can take off from your palm and land safely without the need for remote control. It is truly enticing but getting one might be a big challenge, with the website of the company at that time telling you that you had to wait for four months to receive the unit. Then, the notice changed, saying that orders will now take a total of four months. There is only one possible reason for this: Snap doesn’t have sufficient supply for Pixy units.

The Pixy is not perfect in all aspects, but it opens a new world of possibilities for those who want to film themselves independently. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel told The Verge last week that it is not expecting to earn a lot from the drone and that the main goal is “really just to get it in peoples’ hands and have them play around with it.” However, the company probably got more reservations and orders than expected, resulting in a shortage of supplies.

This, nonetheless, is a safe decision for Snap, given the fact that the company lost a whopping amount of almost $40 million when it produced too many Spectacles that were not welcomed in the market positively. With this, it is best to say that Snap is just learning from the past.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that the Pixy drones are not made to order, as confirmed by The Verge to Snap spokesperson Chloe Keusder in an email. This means Snap is not waiting for the list of orders to be finalized before producing the drones, so it probably has a specific supply somewhere that can be used to create a certain number of units. When asked about the counts, however, the company refused to answer.

As of now, when you visit the site again, you will be notified that you’ll have to wait 15 to 16 weeks to get the Pixy. This is far from the promised 11- to 12-week shipping during its launch date.

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