SMEStorage for Windows Phone Allows You To Access Files From Cloud Storage Services


SMEStorage app for Windows Phone is a Cloud File Manager. You can view and edit files from various cloud storage solutions such as Windows Live Skydrive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Cloudme, etc. The app costs $5.99 in the marketplace and no free trial available.

App Description:

SMEStorage for Windows Phone is one of the many client tools for the SMEStorage Open Cloud Platform, enabling data access for multiple different Storage Clouds, and providing additional features and services above the Cloud Providers.
SMEStorage Cloud File Manager supports Amazon S3, Amazon Cloud Drive, RackSpace Cloud Files, OpenStack,, Windows Live SkyDrive, Windows Live Mesh 2011 (read only), Windows Azure, Microsoft SharePoint, Google Docs, Google Storage, Google Apps Mail, GMail-as-a-Cloud, Google Sites, DropBox, iDisk/MobileMe, Mezeo, Zimbra, FilesAnywhere, CloudMe, SafeSync, Email-as-a-Cloud, FTP-as-a-Cloud, Alfresco, S3 compatible Clouds, and any WebDAV compliant cloud – within one virtual file system.
Please note that a account is required and 2 free clouds are provided upon registration.

You can download the app here.