SmartMusic – Inovative music player for OneDrive

SmartMusic is an innovative SkyDrive / OneDrive music / audio player that maintains a persistent connection so that long play times for a playlist will stay connected.QRCode

  • You can use folder structure for desired audios to include in playlist.  Only displays files that are audio type (mp3, wma, etc.).
  • Has ‘search’ feature to look for songs (audios) with matching Title, Artist, Album, or Genre values in the metadata of the song file.
  • Simply tap on the audio you want to play then select any of the songs in the folder to be included in a simple folder playlist.
  • You can also create and edit multiple playlists from searching for songs by Title, Album, or Artist, then select any playlist to be the current playlist.  Access Playlists from Now Playing screen.  Optional shuffling of playlist.  Combine multiple playlists into one Current Playlist.
  • If any image file (jpg, png, etc.) is found in the folder that the playing song is in, it will be displayed as the album art.  If the song has embedded art, it will display instead.
  • Backup or restore playlists to or from your OneDrive.
  • SmartMusic uses the metadata stored in audio file to display in the folder list and now playing views.  Use file explorer to edit this information in your song files that are stored in OneDrive by right mouse clicking on file, then selecting Properties item and Details tab and change Title, Contributing Artist, Album and Genre.

Free full featured trial with advertising.  Purchase price is $.99.

See in Windows Store.