Collaboration and chat app Slack may have turned their sinking boat around, after another big win for the company was revealed today.

Two weeks ago it was confirmed that IBM was adopting the company as its sole collaboration app for its 350,000 employees.

Today 38,000 employees from Uber joined Big Blue, swelling the ranks of Slack’s paying customers. Slack’s share price was up 3.5% on the news today.

Uber actually has an interesting history with Slack, having used the platform till 2017 and then moving to Atlassian’s Hipchat app, before switching back to Slack in 2019.

In its last quarterly financials, the company said it now had more than 50 customers paying at least $1 million a year, up from 30 in the same quarter a year earlier.

The company’s share price dropped 8.4% on Nov. 19, after Microsoft said Teams had more than 20 million daily active users, much more than the 12 million users Slack reported in October.

via BusinessInsider