Slack says Slack/Microsoft Teams integration is coming

by Surur
March 27, 2020
Slack Salesforce

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There is currently an intense competition between Microsoft Team and Slack, the two leading enterprise collaboration platforms.

Surprisingly Slack sees a lot of value however in integrating with Microsoft’s services, and yesterday during a call with RBC Capital MarketsĀ  Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield announced that Slack will soon integrate with Microsoft Teams’ calling capabilities.

The move is easier to understand when one remembers that Microsoft Teams has replaced Skype for Business, but Slack of course has it’s own built-in voice and video calling.

Slack already integrates with a number of other Microsoft Office services, including Outlook, OneDrive and SharePoint, and already has some Skype integration and of course a very wide variety of other 3rd party services.

Slack has shown they are nothing but pragmatic and has earlier said the “majority” of Sack’s $1 million and above customers also use Microsoft’s Office 365.

Slack did not say when the feature would be rolling out. A Microsoft spokesperson told ZDNet they had “nothing further to share at the moment.”

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