Slack will soon allow organizations to create a private business network for secure communication



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Slack today announced a couple of new features that will enable organizations to easily connect with people in external organizations. First, Slack Connect Direct Messages feature is now generally available. Slack paid teams can initiate DM invitations to anyone outside their organization. Second, Slack will allow organizations to link together multiple organizations to create a private business network, allowing for unified directories, channel discovery and more. Find the details below.

Slack Connect DMs:

Simply send an invite to any partner, and start messaging in Slack as soon as the other side accepts, speeding up the work that often starts over back-and-forth emails.

Protections from phishing attacks:

To further prevent phishing scams and spam, we’re building industry-standard malware protection and link scanning, where malicious activity is automatically prevented.

Slack Connect Policies:

Admins can already designate which users or which workspaces have access to Slack Connect. Soon, admins will also be able to restrict the behaviours of members from partner organisations, such as inviting others and installing apps.

Slack private business network:

In the near future, two or more organisations will be able to create a private business network using Slack Connect. These networks will allow for unified directories, direct messaging, channel discovery and shared applications.

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