Skype for Windows 10 gets a touch of Fluent Design for Windows Insiders

November 29, 2017

Microsoft is rolling out a new update for Skype for Windows 10 users to insiders on the fast ring. For the first time, the communications app is getting a minor fac lift with elements of fluent and acrylic being added to bring it in line with Redmond’s latest design principles.

As you can see in the image above (via Windows Central), the changes are quite minor, only adding a few elements of acrylic and reveal to the end of the conversation list view.

Microsoft announced a new Skype design which they have not yet quite brought to the Windows 10 app, and at this stage, I’m wondering if it’ll ever get there due to the rejection of the app’s redesign by iPhone users (prompting another redesign).

The update is rolling out for Skype users on the fast ring, and you can pick it up at the store link here.

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