Skype will soon support Snapchat-style photo effects

October 2, 2017

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Microsoft is currently working on an update for its Skype mobile apps to support Snapchat-style photo effects. When consumers capture a photo on Skype, they can tap the magic wand icon on the top right to add photo effects. Consumers can swipe through various photo filters including location-based filters. For example, they can capture a photo and add a filter which displays weather and location information on the photo. Consumers who have used Snapchat and Messenger will find this experience familiar.

Apart from the photo filters, Microsoft is also working on improved messaging experience that will allow consumers to add locations, GIFs and more when they are chatting with others. Based on the feedback, they have also improved the chat layout to display more of the conversations. Microsoft is currently testing these features with Skype Insiders and it will be released to general consumers in the coming weeks.

You can download the current version of Skype here from App Store.

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