Skype UWP app and Microsoft Sticky Notes receive minor update in Windows Store


24, 2016

sticky notes

Microsoft today released updates for Skype UWP app and Sticky Notes app for Windows 10 devices. Both of them are minor updates with no new features.

With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft is releasing an all new Sticky Notes experience. As you expect, Sticky Notes will allow you to create and save notes to your Windows machine and customize them in little ways through size and color. In addition to that, Microsoft has added the ability to create Cortana reminders from your notes that will flow with you across your devices and smart entity extraction with Bing.

You will be able to write a phone number and it readies itself for calling; a few jotted-down items become an easy-to-manage checklist; write down a flight number and it will fetch data from Bing to give you the flight status.

With this update, Microsoft is polishing things in preparation for launch next month. Update the Sticky Notes app from Windows Store.

Microsoft recently delivered a major update for Skype UWP app in Windows Store with support for Bots, call waiting and more. This update v11.6.206 just fixes few bugs. Download it from Windows Store using the below link.

Developer: Skype
Price: Free
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