Skype for the iPhone picks up Microsoft’s new design

Microsoft’s Snapchat-style Skype update is rolling out for iPhones now via the App Store.

The update previously rolled out to Android phones earlier and has been received controversially by Android users who aren’t all fans of the new design. There is some who think it looks far too similar to Snapchat and iMessage, and others who critique it from veering too far from what is perceived as Skype’s primary function–video calling.

Personally, the new Skype app appeals to me in terms of design – more than the old one did – but without an active and engaged user base like WhatsApp and Messenger, it’ll just be an app I open to ogle before switching to another app for actual communication.

The app update also adds the following features:

  • In-Call Reactions: You can now add live emoticons, live text and even real-time photos to your video and voice calls.
  •  Message Reactions: Let your contacts know how you feel by adding expressive reactions to their messages.
  •  Find: Easily find news, sports results, restaurants, weather and content using Bing. No more switching back and forth between apps; you can share search results with your friends.
  •  Capture: Sharing photos and videos of precious moments are just a swipe away.
  •  Highlights: Share your day-to-day with friends and family while keeping up with what they are up to using Highlights. You can easily respond to others’ Highlights by reacting with emoticons or even use them as a conversation-starter.

Skype for iPhone is available in the App Store here. The iPad, MacOS and Windows apps have not received updates at this time.