Microsoft has released a new update for Skype Insiders, taking the version to The latest Skype Insider update comes with several new features, bug fixes, and stability improvements.

The latest version of the Skype Insider update adds a new “leave” meeting button on all platforms. If you mistakenly start a new meeting, you can click this button to cancel the process. Also, users will now see a consistent theme during the join/create journey on the web. This will be helpful for those who are light-sensitive.

Another noteworthy change in this Skype Insider update is the improvement in support for call control on Bluetooth/USB headphones on Windows. The feature is available within the Insider test group but will be rolled out soon.

Aside from these changes, the update includes fixes for a ton of issues found in the previous update. You can read the complete official changelog below to learn about all the changes.



However, Microsoft says the update will be rolled out to users gradually in the next couple of days, and, therefore, there is no need to worry if you haven’t got it yet.

If you aren’t part of the Skype Insider Preview program, you don’t have to worry, as all these features will be available for stable users in the next couple of months.