Skype Insider Preview brings Emoji improvements

Microsoft is rolling out a new update for Skype Insiders which brings improvements to the emoticon feature in the app. The update is for Android, iPhone, iPad and desktop for Windows, Linux and Mac and brings a new Emoticon Picker, taking the app to version

Skype Preview now has more than 750 emoticon options, and needs a new emoji picker to help users express themselves exactly.

Microsoft has also made the emoticons colour theme aware, so dark emoticons will no longer disappear on the dark theme, and you can now see every emoticons on every background and bubble colour combination in Skype.

To use the new emoticon picker:

  • Open Skype, select a contact to chat with and open the expression picker by clicking on the smiling face.
  • Additionally, in the hand and person tab, long press (mobile), or right click (desktop), and a popup will appear with 6 different tone options.
  • Click the one you want and it will be placed inside your message box.
  • You can send the emoticons separately or with text, the choice is yours.

Learn how to become a Skype Insider at Skype here.

Source: Microsoft, via WindowsLatest