Skype gets Cortana integration on iOS, Android and Windows



Microsoft promised Skype Integration for Cortana at build 2016 last year, and while it has been nearly a year and a half since then, they’ve delivered – kind of.

Users of the new Skype client will now see a new pop-up in the conversation view but from Cortana. Upon granting access to location and other permissions, Cortana will now be able to suggest responses to chat messages, much like Google’s vaunted Allo messaging app. You’ll also be able to get weather, news, and facts just by tapping the Cortana icon in the chat box.

There doesn’t appear to be much else to it at this time, and it also doesn’t appear to integrate or share any data with the main Cortana app. At the very least, it is useful for outsourcing your conversation.

The integration is available solely on Microsoft’s iOS, Android and Windows Preview clients. It will presumably arrive on the Windows 10 store app in the coming weeks.

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