SkyDrive announcement oddly omits any mention of music streaming


20, 2012

Author Surur // in News

imageToday’s SkyDrive announcement was pretty momentous, confirming much of the rumours of the last few days and adding some major features which had so far not been leaked, such as the ability to upload up to 2 GB files using Explorer.

While reading the very wordy article however I kept looking out for any sign Microsoft would be joining the online music locker business.

Next to photos music is likely the main media type we collect on a day to day basis, and I dare say it is consumed more often than photos, and certainly much more so than video.

Yet in the announcement Microsoft makes repeated reference to the ability to “access any file, stream videos, or view photo albums” but at no point does it mention being able to stream music or any integration between music and the cloud.

Of course it is possible Microsoft is saving this information for a later announcement, and it may even be possible that Microsoft is negotiating rights with the major labels allowing us to stream our own music from their cloud.

There is of course no way of knowing either way, but the absence of music streaming does stick out like a sore thumb in what otherwise is shaping up to be a pretty excellent service.

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