Size of Lumia 940 and 940 XL compared to other leading flagships (graphic)

comparison to scale

Recent leaks have revealed the exact size of the Lumia 940 and 940 XL, which gives us an opportunity to compare the devices against other leading flagship handsets.

In the graphic above we compare the devices to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, iPhone 6, Lumia 1520 and iPhone 6 Plus.

See the sizes in the table below:

DeviceScreen sizeSize
Lumia 9405.2″145.6 x73.4 x9 mm
Lumia 940 XL5.7″153 x79 x8.6 mm
Lumia 9305″137 x71 x9.8 mm
iPhone 64.7″138.1 x67 x6.9 mm
iPhone 6 Plus5.5″158.1 x77.8 x7.1 mm
SG S6 Edge5.1″142.1 x70.1 x7 mm
Lumia 15206″162.8 x85.4 x8.7 mm

From the table it should be clear that for its screen size the iPhones are all pretty tall, but that it is mainly in thickness where the windows phones appear to be a generation behind, with all its competitors being in the 7 mm and below range.

However what is striking is that even the smaller iPhone is a large device, and that we are now firmly in the large flagship era.

What do our readers think of the size of our coming flagships compared to the others? Let us know below.

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