Android users are reporting a seemingly innocuous picture is able to crash Android 10 handsets, resulting in them entering a situation similar to a boot loop where users are forced to hard reset their devices to regain access.

The HDR picture (a screenshot of which is in the header above) appears to use the  RGB colour space instead of Android’s preferred sRGB, and when set as the wallpaper on a handset causes it to crash, and then to make the lock screen unavailable when the device reboots.

Android Authority captured the issue in video below:

The issue appears to be inherent to Android, as it can be replicated in the Android Studio emulator also.

Google is yet to respond to the issue, but Ice Universe reports that Samsung has already fixed the issue with a firmware update this is now rolling out.

For now, until a fix arrives, it appears Android users should be suspicious if offered images to use as wallpaper by potential pranksters.

via Engadget.