Shocking Canary Yellow Samsung Galaxy Buds confirm another new feature

We have already heard most of the new features of Samsung’s upcoming line of smartphones and accessories, but confirmation that a feature is indeed real is always helpful.

We already know that Samsung’s new truly wireless headphones will have 8 GB of storage, Bluetooth 5.0 for longer battery life and reduced latency, will be slightly smaller and feature wireless charging.

One other rumour has been that the headsets will be tuned by AKG, and today’s leak by confirms this, with the “Sound by AKG” logo emblazoned on the Canary Yellow charging case.

Today’s leaked render is the first time we have seen the case in the closed position, meaning it is likely all the colours will feature the same tuning, but I am sure the yellow will carry the special privilege of being rather noticeable.

The headset is expected to cost a pretty affordable 149 euro ($170 US). Given that the headset will be available in demure black, striking white or shocking yellow, which colour will our readers choose? Let us know below.