Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser is going to be more Classic Edge-like and less Google Chrome-like in terms of “ease of access.” Microsoft has already started the process of adding features of the old Edge browser to the new Edge browser, which is yet to see a public launch.

One of the features Microsoft recently added to the new Edge browser is the Windows 10’s share integration. Select Microsoft Edge users on Canary channel can now see the Share option in the context menu, which can be accessed just by a simple right-click.

The old Microsoft Edge browser had the feature too. However, the Share option wasn’t there in the context menu. Instead, Microsoft placed a share icon next to the address bar of the browser, while “copying and Pasting URLs” was the only way to share webpages in Google Chrome.

And now that the Share option has made it to the context menu of the browser, you will be able to share any webpages with your contacts. You’ll also be able to send the webpage to our Android smartphone, thanks to Microsoft’s Your Phone app.

That said, Microsft is currently rolling this new feature to select users in the Canary Channel, so if you’re on Canary yet didn’t see the Share option in the context menu, you should wait for a few more days.

Microsoft is in the process of developing its first-ever Chromium-based web browser. Once it becomes ready for the prime time, the Chromium-based browser is going to replace the present-day Microsoft Edge browser as the default web browser in Windows 10.

via: WindowsLatest