Shadow Brokers threaten to release new exploits, including for Windows 10

Hacking group the Shadow Brokers was the key link in last week’s WannaCrypt chaos, having released the NSA’s hacking tools which allowed the malware to be weaponized so well.

Now the shadowy group has announced that they plan to sell more exploits to anyone willing to pay, on a monthly basis, starting next month in June.

They claim to own exploits for Windows 10, web browsers, network routers and also phones and even the SWIFT international money transfer system.

Even more worryingly they claim to have information on the Russian, Chinese, Iranian or North Korean nuclear and missile programs, turning Microsoft’s Brad Smith’s metaphor about lost Tomahawk missiles worryingly real.

The company’s last attempt to auction off the NSA’s secrets failed, but this was before they proved what level of chaos they could cause.

Two months before the WannaCrypt exploit hit the wild Microsoft released a patch, suggesting some cooperation between NSA and the software company.  A spokeswoman for Microsoft said it was now once again preparing a response.  It is not known if this patch will cover unsupported operating systems, but given the number of critical systems still running on older software, this would seem to be a good idea.

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