Netmarketshare has released their numbers for September 2019 and they show Windows 10 continuing its rapid ascent, now with a good 52.38% of the desktop market (and 61% of the Windows market).

Windows 7, on the other hand, has dropped below 30% to 28.17% of the OS market (and 33% of the Windows market). At this rate, it should be less than a year before it hits less than 10% of the market.

Coming on the third position is macOS 10.14 with a market share of 7.15%, up from 5.95% last month. This is up from 2.05% a year ago, suggesting a future not too long from now when Windows 10 may be number 1, but where MacOS is a solid number 2 operating system. Windows 8.1 makes of 3.48 and Windows XP 1.12% of the desktop OS market.

Moving on to the browser section there does not appear to be much movement, with Edge still struggling to make any gains.

Chrome remains dominant at 68.47%, Firefox with 8.72% and Edge with 5.87%, behind Internet Explorer with 6.14%.  Edge numbers are in fact down from last month, when it achieved 6.34% market share.

While Microsoft is fighting a losing battle when it comes to the browser market, the company recently announced that it has 900 million Windows 10 devices in active use. Using some dangerous and not recommended math, we can see that there are still around 1.5 billion PCs around, a number which has remained steady for nearly a decade, which is rather good news for Microsoft despite the challenges brought upon by the mobile revolution.