September Games with Gold lineup: Gods Will Fall, Double Kick Heroes, Thrillville, and Portal 2

August 31, 2022
Xbox - September 2022 Games with Gold

We are just hours away from entering a new month, and Xbox is making sure our September will have a blast with new games. This week, the video gaming brand announced four games it would offer under Games with Gold: Gods Will Fall, Double Kick Heroes, Thrillville, and Portal 2.

The first two of the games mentioned are dedicated to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players. Gods Will Fall will be available from September 1 to 30, where gamers will face the wrath of the gods. The Rogue-like title will bring you to the greedy side of deities demanding to be blindly worshipped by men. The game offers exquisite graphics, from the characters themselves to the different environments and scenes that will excite you.

Double Kick Heroes can also be played on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S from September 16 to October 15. The 2D side-scrolling video game features rhythm gameplay using three musical instruments. The twist? It is also a shoot’em up, where you have to handle enemies blocking your way as you ride your Cadillac automobile in a post-apocalyptic monster-infested world. It will bring you 30 levels to play alongside 30 metal songs that will play while traversing the highway to hell.

Meanwhile, Thrillville, and Portal 2 fall under the classic lineup via Backward Compatibility, with the former available from September 1 to 15. It is a simulation and strategy video game featuring theme park management, where you can try different experiences around the park: go-kart and roller coaster rides, mini-golf, four-player party games, arcade shoot-’em-ups, and more.

Lastly, Portal 2 will be offered from September 16 to 30, giving you a lot more portal puzzles to solve. It will reintroduce the lethally inventive, power-mad A.I. GLaDOS and can still be played in single-player or co-op game mode.

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