September Comscore numbers underline Windows Phone US gains



Author Surur // in News


For the 3rd month in the row Windows Phone has seen gains in their US Comscore numbers, indicating hopefully for once that the growth is not just a statistical quirk.

Windows Phone has gained 0.2% of the US subscriber base in Q3 2013, and up 0.1% from last month.

This translates into 4.88 million out of 147.9 million US smartphone users owning Windows Phones, a gain of around 240,000 users from last month’s numbers.

Windows Phone and iOS were the only mobile operating systems to grow, with Android losing 0.2% of the US smartphone user base, while Blackberry lost a massive 0.6%, and Apple gained 0.7%.

The growth is likely due to good sales of the Nokia Lumia 520/521, but of course other high profile handsets like the Nokia Lumia 1020 were also released that quarter.

See the full Comscore report here.

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