Microsoft now lets you separate pages in Word for web browsers

August 2, 2023

Want to separate pages in Word for web even easier? We’ve got some good news for you.

Microsoft today announced that users of Word for the web can now view their documents across separate pages, just as they can in Word across platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android).

“By making the Separate Pages view available, we are also unlocking a range of new layout features. Full functionalities for columns, headers and footers, and text wrapping all rely on the ability to show pages and require you to view your document in the Separate Pages view. That’s why it is now the default view in Word for the web,” the company’s product manager on the Word team, Juliet Daniel, explains.

For now, the feature has only arrived for users on Edge and Chrome browsers. Microsoft further promises that support for Firefox and Safari is coming soon, so if you’re a user of any of those browsers, patience is a virtue.

To access it, all you need to do is open your document and go to the “View” tab at the top. Click the “Separate Pages” button to see your document on separate pages with better formatting options. Not happy? Switch back to the regular continuous view by clicking the button again. 

Besides, Microsoft says that they’re also working on adding new formatting capabilities to Word for the web such as paragraph options, columns, and improved headers and footers. Plus, three new pagination options just arrived in Word for web clients, and they let you customize paragraph options in Word even easier.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft bringing a feature to separate pages in Word? Let us know in the comments!

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