Seems unlikely: Nokia Hong Kong says Nokia Lumia 800 has hidden NFC hardware which will be activated by a future update


Nokia has a history of enabling NFC well after the launch of a handset, which does provide a sliver of credibility to the above statement on Nokia Hong Kong’s official Weibo page, where they respond to a question about NFC in the 800 by saying:

Know the truth of the reply @ Bump Man: 800 is currently unknown aid the NFC, butto achieve this functionality through future software updates. / / @ Unknown
The truth of the bump Man: 800 is not without NFC hardware? / / @ Nokia: Reply @four times shameless struggle _ Huang Yifeng
: Through a future software update will be able to achieve an NFC-enabled. Please wait We further announcement.

Of course the Nokia Lumia 800 has been torn down already, revealing no such chip.  On the other hand recent rumours of NFC on the Nokia Lumia 610 does provide some fuel for the fire.

I guess we will just have to wait and see.


Update:  We had contact from “people familiar with the matter” who wish to remain anonymous, saying that a few Nokia Lumia handsets were indeed produced with NFC, but that there in fact no plans to activate this feature. I guess thats a good news/bad news scenario.