See the Hyperlapse Windows Phone app in action (video)


We reported yesterday that the Hyperlapse app has turned up in the Windows Phone Store.  The technology uses complex mathematics and algorithms to recreate smoothed sped-up video from shaky original sources.

Now the intrepid folks over at have managed to sideload the XAP onto their phones, and have posted the video below demonstrating the app in action.

As we explained earlier, the app is relatively simple to use, with only a few options, primarily related to how fast you wish the speed the video up and how you want to share it. It also allows you to import video taken earlier, which makes the app significantly more useful.

Windows Phone | Hyperlapse app

Once the app becomes available I am sure we will soon see some intrepid Xtreme Windows Phone users strapping their phones onto their helmets and entertaining us with their antics.