Sector 5’s ChromeBooks will come with free Office 365 app suite



Chromebooks have been a roaring success in education in USA, due to the curriculum being largely web based. There is however a limit which can be done on the web, and as Roger McKeague, CEO of Sector 5, provider of Chromebooks for education noted,  their “one concern was whether the app ecosystem was robust enough.”

Google has addressed this issue by allowing Chromebooks to host Android apps, opening up the devices to millions of applications, including Microsoft’s Office 365 suite of productivity apps.

Sector 5 has announced that their new Sector 5 E1 and E2 Chromebooks will run Android Apps, play games like Minecraft, Hearthstone or Clash of Clans.

Sector 5’s Chromebooks will now also come with the full suite of Office 365 for free.

They noted that Google’s decision to allow Android apps on Chromebooks “brilliantly answers” the app gap issue, and  that the company has now extended their Google Chrome OS Brand Features and Support Agreement for another 2 years.

You can read more about Sector 5’s new E1 Chromebooks, now with Office 365, here.

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