SE Xperia delayed (NOT!)

It appears our friendly online tabloid, The Register, have become a bit overexcited and has jumped to unwarranted conclusions. They have spotted a page on the Sony Ericsson store saying the Xperia X1 was only come out in January 2009, and assumed the device has been massively delayed. Cursory investigation, and reading some more informed sites (like ours πŸ˜‰ ) would have shown that the WVGA superphone is actually expected in stores very soon, around the beginning of October (the 5th is speculated).

In fact, if one has a peek at the Google cache of the website, its clear that the January date has been there for some time, while at the same time online stores like Vodafone’s and Expansys has been saying the device will be coming much sooner. Sony Ericsson has now updated their website the reflect the real expected date.

Either way, its encouraging to see mainstream media pay so much attention to a Windows Mobile smartphone, but of course its important to set the record straight, less despondent punters settle for a much inferior fruity phone πŸ™‚ Unfortunately as of this writing The Register have still not corrected their mistake.


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