SDK confirms Fitbit Ionic supports Windows Phone

Fitbit launched their first smartwatch, the Fitbit Ionic today, and while the device was always expected to be cross-platform the company did not explicitly confirm support for Windows Phone/ Windows 10 Mobile.

Now in the SDK the company clearly states that Windows Phone will form part of their platform, which should be reassuring to some of our readers who are still on Microsoft’s mobile OS.

In some ways, it is not that difficult for Fitbit to support Windows Phone, since apps are designed to be mainly stand-alone and run on the watch, though there is support for companion apps on phones also.

Only the documentation is currently available, but based on Fitbit’s current write-up it appears the device will be a fast hacking favourite, with developers able to easily sideload applications and share them with friends and family without going through Fitbit’s approval process and App Gallery, and apps being based on javascript, CSS and SVG.

Developers can check out the SDK here.