Windows 10 Mobile gets new improvements for Edge, and more


Windows 10 Mobile is finally getting closer to prime time. Ahead of the Microsoft’s big event tomorrow, we have obtained some screenshots of a new Windows 10 Mobile build from Threshold 2. Keep in mind that this isn’t the newest build of Windows 10 Mobile that has been compiled, but this is a pretty recent build.

So what’s new? According to our source, Microsoft has added a new feature that enables users to adjust the size of the text on the whole OS. This feature will let users get a phablet-like experience by making the text size smaller, which I think a lot of users will appreciate. With the latest build, Microsoft has also added a couple of new options for developers — for example, there is a new option which will allow developers to turn on remote diagnostics over USB and local area network connections.

The latest build also brings a couple of improvements for Edge — there is also a new option which lets users hide local IP address over WebRTC connections.

It is worth noting that the latest build of Windows 10 Mobile brings a handful of performance improvements. According to our source, the build is a lot faster than the last Insider Preview build, which is indeed pretty good news. That being said, don’t expect Microsoft to release a new Windows 10 Mobile build today.

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