Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S20 Ultra currently available in only two color options — Grey and Black. And the fact that it’s available in only two color options made a number of the Samsung enthusiasts unhappy. The good news is Samsung is planning to give users one more option, according to the famous tipster IceUniverse.

On his Twitter account, the tipster posted that the S20 Ultra will be available in one more color option alongside Black and Grey. However, the tweet didn’t provide any information on which color Samsung chose to go with. In other words, we don’t know what will be the third color options. We don’t know as to when the Galaxy S20 Ultra with the new color option will hit the market either.

Many users on Twitter guessed that the new color option could be the Aura Glow, but Ice Universe clarified that there won’t be any Galaxy S20 Ultra in the Aura Glow color option. Whatever the case may be, Samsung won’t hold a separate event to announce the new Galaxy S20 Ultra. It’ll be interesting to see whether Samsung makes the new S20 Ultra available for the public at a time when all the major markets are under lockdown.