Samsung’s upcoming smart speaker will feature a unique design


18, 2018

Besides confirming Samsung’s 2019 folding phone ambitions, the Wall Street Journal also confirmed that Samsung will soon be releasing a smart speaker.

Similar to the HomePod, the speaker will be marketed more on the power of its sound quality than its smarts.

Powered by Bixby and appropriately code-named Lux, the $300 speaker will feature a unique design, being, according to the WSJ,  “bowled shape, with a legged bottom and lights at the top.

The presumably attractive device will have some unique features, such as being able to beam audio in the direction of the person who is gave the play command, a technology called “sound shifting.”

The device is expected to be announced with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on the 9th August and released soon after.

We expect the device will have similar popularity to other high-end speakers with little known smart digital assistants, such as the Harman Kardon Invoke.

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