Samsung’s next flagship tablet will come with dual cameras

July 10, 2019

Samsung is preparing to launch its next flagship tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. Now, we may know exactly what to expect from it.  As per a report from SamMobile, the tablet will start from 128 GB of Storage and come with 6 GB of RAM. It’ll have Android Pie on board, with an update to Q likely in the running. It will also be pen-enabled, so you’ll be able to use it to draw and make notes. Samsung’s tablet will likely also support Dex and Linux apps, something the firm has made a priority as it moves to position its devices as competitors to Apple’s iPad Pros. To that end, it will have the option to be purchased with a keyboard cover to enable laptop like scenarios just like Samsung’s other flagship tablets.

An interesting new feature is the addition of dual cameras. The Samsung Tab S6 may be one of the first mainstream tablets to launch with dual cameras in tow, allowing users to capture more accurate portrait shots.

Tablets with good cameras are rare and tablets with more than one camera are even moreso. Might Samsung be trying to make tablet photography a thing? Let’s see how that turns out.

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