Samsung’s new Space Gaming Monitor will help you reclaim your desk space

At gamescom 2019, Samsung today announced the new Space Gaming Monitor (SR75Q). Like other Space Monitors from Samsung, you can push the Space Gaming Monitor flat against the wall for more space on your desk and it can also be pulled forward easily and adjusted to fit a variety of viewing preferences and positions. The Space Gaming Monitor comes with a 32-inch QHD (2560 x 1440) display that has a 144Hz refresh rate with AMD Radeon FreeSync for smooth gameplay.

Other highlights of Space Gaming Monitor:

  • Easily concealable power and HDMI Y-cables prevent tangled cables and ensure any gaming space remains clutter-free.
  • The Space Gaming monitor comes with an integrated clamp that ensures quick and easy installation, allowing it to be attached to any desk or table.

Space Gaming Monitor (SR75Q) will be available on sale later this year. Samsung did not reveal price of this monitor at gamescom.