Samsung’s new File Guardian app allows you to restore permanently deleted files on your phone

October 31, 2019

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Samsung Galaxy Labs is a suite of device optimization apps for Samsung Galaxy devices. It consists of four apps: File Guardian, Battery Tracker, Battery Guardian, and App Booster. Read about them below.

File Guardian: This app will allow you to restore permanently deleted files from your phone storage. Both internal and external storage areas are supported by this app. This app would be really helpful for consumers in recovering their lost files.

Battery Tracker: As the name suggests, this app will allow you to get detailed information on your phone’s battery. Even though the latest Android update has native support for this battery information, this app will be useful for devices running old Android versions.

Battery Guardian: This app will extend your battery life of your device by checking whether Auto optimization and Sleeping apps are enabled.

App Booster: This app is expected to boost the performance of apps through optimization. We don’t know what kind of optimizations will be done by this app.

You can download the Galaxy Labs suite from Galaxy Store. If it is not available in your region, try installing the APKs available from the source link below.

Source: Sammobile

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