Samsung’s Infinity-O punch-hole camera called inferior

A punch-hole in-display camera is clearly better than a notch, being smaller, less obtrusive and interfering less with the design of the device.

Samsung was the first to show of the technology, but Honor with their View20 claims that their technology is a lot better.

Honor claims Samsung’s Infinity-O camera hole cuts through all the layers of the screen except the last, resulting in a weakened display prone to cracking and light leakage, and also a hole larger than needed.

They claim their technology is a lot better, for example preserving the LCD layer and merely using “pixel transition technology” to let light pass straight through. In addition, they use photolithographic techniques to cut the hole in the screen rather than a mechanical drill, resulting in a smaller hole (4.5 mm on the View 20 vs 6.7 mm on the Samsung A8S) and using a special glue to bond the camera to the screen to prevent light leak.

It remains to be seen if Honor’s selfie camera is indeed better than Samsung’s Infinity-O based snapper, but it is interesting that not all in-display cameras are created equal, making the job of consumers somewhat harder than before.

Via XDA-Dev