Samsung’s Galaxy S10 might have a side-mounted fingerprint sensor

In-design fingerprint sensors are a thing now, and Samsung is predicted to be introducing its own variant of these with the galaxy S10, debuting next year.

The firm will reportedly be releasing three Samsung Galaxy S10 SKUs, and one of these SKUs will not have the in-design fingerprint sensor, rather the firm will mount it on the side, moving it away from the questionable position it donned on the S9 to somewhere easier to reach with one hand.

It is unknown if Samsung will brand this as some sort of S10 lite or something else entirely, though it would not be unforeseeable.

The entry-level galaxy 10 will also feature a single camera lens along with a 5.8-inch flat infinity display, as opposed to the others which will have bigger, cured displays in line with current flagships.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will presumably be launching next year at MWC in Barcelona. As the rumour mill heats up, we will expect to find out more about the various SKUs as we get closer to release.

Source: SamMobile