One of the unique features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is a Time of Flight 3D sensor, which Samsung uses for their 3D scanning app.

This app allows you to create 3D models which can then be used in AR photos, but early users may have found the quality of the model leaves a lot to be desired.

Samsung has now updated the app with improved 3D model quality and a new Person and Thing mode, which will hopefully together result in much better models.

The app features:

1. Scan the object/person (upper body) and convert it into a 3D model
2. Zoom in, zoom out, and rotate created 3D models in the 3D Viewer
3. Convert 3D models into an AGIF to easily view and share animations
4. Take pictures or record videos with the 3D model
5. Capture your motions in the 3D model to copy and record it as a still photograph or a video

The updated app can be found in the Galaxy Store here.