Samsung working on new Samsung Galaxy Buds2


30, 2021

Samsung appears to be working on a successor to the Samsung Galaxy Buds+, the new Samsung Galaxy Buds2.

The device was revealed during a teardown of the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app.


The entry revealed some info about the capability of the device also.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2, code-named “berry” will support connecting to multiple devices, allowing for seamless switching between phone, tablet and PC, and will also support non-Samsung devices.

I think it is fair to say the Samsung Galaxy Beans did not live up to its hype and a successor to the cheaper Samsung Galaxy Buds+ would be welcomed, even if it does not include high-end features such as active noise cancellation.

The device may launch in Q2 with a new generation of Samsung Galaxy Watch devices, but no specific details are available yet, but knowing Samsung it will not be long before the leaks start.

via XDA-Dev

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